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Please share your opinion - what regulator's 1st stage, provides the best cold water performance, reliability and optimal hoses routing for a single tank DIR-setup? I am looking for a neat hoses routing, similar to doubles, when all hoses first goes down from 1st stage. So far I did not found any 1st stage that can provide this, because it requires 4 LP (dry suit) and 1 HP ports looking down and slightly angled out to avoid the wing. The closest example is Apeks TEK3, but it has only 3 LP and 1 HP ports - there is no port for connecting a dry suit valve...

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I personally use Apeks DS4
I use the Apeks XTX50 DS4 DIN for my single tank configuration and I really like. I've used it in 36 degree water and there were no performance issues. There are four LP ports and one HP port on the first stage and the hose routing works well. The Apeks Tec 3 regulator set is designated just for a double tank configuration.
Keith Colombo said:The Apeks Tec 3 regulator set is designated just for a double tank configuration.

1. My personal preference is Aqualung Legend - I dive with them already 10 years...
2. So far I know you can buy TEK 3 separately too...
Maciej Arkuszewski said:
I personally use Apeks DS4

Me too, never had issues with freezing. In winter water in Belgium is 3° C.
The same down here

Maciej Arkuszewski said:
I personally use Apeks DS4
Atomic aquatics Z2 is a nice performing and fairly priced regulator.
I have been really happy and impressed with my singles setup using the HOG DS1 cold water first stage with 5th port (think Apeks DST with 5th port on bottom). In my opinion the routing for long hose, secondary, BC, drysuit and HP gauge is spot on for a singles setup. The price was good too and I didn't have to source service kits bia the wink and nudge market.
I've been using the Poseidon Xstreme Deep for almost 10 years. I dive year round and in the winter, water temps drop to the low 30's.(F) I've never once had ANY issues with my regulators free flowing or freeze ups. I also have Poseidons for secondary regulators. I have Apeks for stage bottle's and have been impressed with these also..
I use the Apeks DS4's as well, pretty tough to beat.

The DS4 is by far the best first stage in  my opinion, however you can get the same hose routing as a mk25 or atomic first stage with an Apeks DST and a 5th port upgrade. personally i use these for singles and they look and work an absolute treat. 


Unfortunately i couldn't find an image for singles but this should give you the general idea of what they do.


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