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Cave #2 - Hall City Cave, California USA

Cave #2 - Hall City Cave, California, USA

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Background Information

As the story goes, some time during the late 1800’s a few renegade Indians attacked and killed the miners of a small hydraulic mining operation near the town, in California. While the mining operation might have been small, they were doing very well. The Indians apparently stole about one hundred pounds of mostly nugget-gold from the dead miners.

Since the Indians were on foot, and also carrying a very heavy load, it did not take long for the posse to catch up with them. In fact, as a last ditch effort to get away, the Indians stashed the gold somewhere so they could move faster. When the posse caught up with the Indians, only the Indians knew where the gold was. The men in the posse told the Indians that they would not be hung for their crimes if they would tell where they hid the gold. The Indians told the posse that they had hidden the gold in Cave #2-Hall City Cave, CA. Then they were promptly hung right on the spot.

As it turns out, Cave #2 - Hall City Cave has a deep, submerged cavern at the back of the cave. The cavern is said to be bottomless, because no one apparently has ever been able to get to the bottom. And of course, not the posse, or anyone else, ever found the gold. Did the Indians hide the gold somewhere in the cave? Did they just dump it into the bottomless cavern to get rid of it? Did they have some secret hiding place in the cave, perhaps underwater? Or did they hide the gold somewhere else?


Proposed Work

3D Mapping, Video Documentation, Photo Documentation, Water Sampling - Temperature, Salinity, Bacteria, etc. , Sediment sampling, Discovery of Ancient Indian Artifacts, Specimen Collection


Andrew Georgitsis - ag@unifiedteamdiving.com 

Project Dates

Spring of 2012, April 17-19, 2012

Collaborating With:

California Academy of Sciences

Divers and Support Levels Needed

Overhead researcher, Rebreather research diver, Surface manager, Surface Support, Shallow support, Deep support, Exploration divers, Sponsors.


If you are interested in Joining the UTD Project please visit the UTD Project Group, review the support levels, and then complete the application process by registering at my.unifiedteamdiving.com. The project co-ordinator is Andrew Georgitsis and you can also email him directly if you have question at ag@unifiedteamdiving.com


Cave 2, CA Team Member Only Group - Click Here



Results from April 15-17, 2012 Project


Planning and Preparation Blog 

Video Blog on Planning and Preparation

Images from Planning and Preparation


Exploration Day 1 

Video Blog

Images- 1 of 2

Images - 2 of 2


Exploration Day 2

Video Blog



Exploration Day 3

Video Blog



Other Video's and Blogs

Video of the Hall City Cave

Analyzing the "Tools" of Exploration


US Forestry Service Interviews

Interview with AG


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