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Announcing the MX-KISS

UTD’s third MX Rebreather Configuration is now in place with the venerable KISS Classic. In a strong collaboration with Jetsam Technologies, UTD is making available the MX-KISS.

As with the Megladon and Hammerhead rebreathers, the KISS Classic becomes part of a series of rebreather configurations that support a Unified Team approach to diving. All the MX configurations integrate seamlessly with each other and with back mount and side mount open circuit systems.

Operationally, once on the diver’s back, the MX-KISS is configured and dives identically to the other two MX rebreathers. The MX-KISS is fundamentally a stock KISS Classic mounted in the UTD frame, carrying a pair of backmounted dil/bailout cylinders with off board O2. O2 injection is fully manual (no constant flow valve), and dil injection can be made manually by injector or via the ADV. The MX-KISS is delivered with a Shearwater PPO2 monitor and Shearwater HUD.

Following KISS approved training and an exhaustive review of the UTD training materials, standards and procedures, and course outlines, Jetsam Technologies has approved UTD as an authorized KISS Training Center for divers configuring their KISS Classic as an MX-KISS.

About the UTD training program, Jetsam Director Kim Smith says, “I have been working closely with UTD on this program for some time now. The Jetsam team has taken the time to go through all of the material and procedures and we have found that the program is informative and covers their philosophy well."

UTD currently offers four mCCR courses:
  • mCCR 1 - A certifying course for open circuit divers coming to CCR for the first time. Max depth 100’/30m, no decompression.
  • Essentials of Rebreather Diving - A personal skills class for certified rebreather divers configuring their rebreather as an MX.
  • mCCR 2 - UTD’s technical level mCCR class, max depth 160’/48m.
  • mCCR 3 - UTD’s trimix level mCCR class, max depth 250’/75m.
To download the operational guide for the MX-KISS, click here.

For more information, contact UTD at info@unifiedteamdiving.com, Unified Team Diving, or call +1 253-632-5100

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Comment by Michael Webb on February 28, 2011 at 5:59pm

Hi Andrew, great news good to hear.


Working my way through the Online Essentials of RB at the moment.


One question though.  For those who are stepping into the MX via the Essentials crossover and looking at mCCR 2 in the future, what are the "hours using" prerequisites?


For mCCR 2 is says 100 dives and 100 hours on a rebreather.  Does this mean in the MX configuration? More spacifically, for mCCR2 with MX-KISS, do these hours/dives need to be with the MX-KISS, or can they be with a Classic KISS or can they be a combination of KISS, MX-KISS and any other rebreather?


Hope that makes sense.



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