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Essentials of Rebreather Diving DVD Preview

"The Essentials of Rebreather Diving" Video Program takes a closer look at the foundational skills for all Rebreather divers. (For recreational or technical open circuit diving, see our UTD Essentials of Recreational or Technical Diving DVD). Whether you dive a UTD configuration of the mCCR, that we call the MX Series or MC Series, or you dive a purely electronic rebreather, a hybrid, a constant mass flow or even a PSCR rebreather, these skills will be sure to help you create a solid foundation on which to build your rebreather diving and exploration.
This DVD is packed full of over 20 Essential, or Foundational skills videos that include instructor voice overs and grease pencil illustrations to highlight critical areas. Whether you are new to rebreathers or you've been diving them for a long time, or you are looking for support materials for your upcoming rebreather certification class, this DVD is for you. The clips will help you dramatically improve your skills by adding the safety and simplify of the UTD/DIR techniques to your rebreather diving or help you become a safer, more proficient diver, ultimately part of a "Thinking Team."

Skills included are:
Frog Kick
Modified Frog
Modified Flutter Kick
Backward Kick
Helicopter Turn
Basic 6 - CCR to OC, Loop Recoveries, Mod S-Drills, Mask Skills, Clearing Water
Valve Drills
S-Drills (Out Of Air - OOA)
S-Drills Side By Side (Right, Left)
S-Drill Single File
Surface Marker Buoy Deploy and Retrieve
Ascent Drills (including Deco Stop Procedures)
OOA Horizontal Ascent
Toxing and Unconscious Diver Recoveries

Unique features include:

Skills demonstrated in fully closed circuit rebreather and drysuit.
Rebreather instructor voice-over highlights key points.
"Grease Pencil" illustrations flesh out even more detail, and increase visual retention.

While certainly not the only skills required for safe rebreather diving, these skills form the nucleus for the mCCR level 1, PSCR Level 1 and the Essentials of Rebreather class, and build a solid foundation for anyone aspiring to become a rebreather diver.

Each video skill is narrated by accomplished Rebreather Instructor and UTD Founder Andrew Georgitsis, and is presented in an unique format. First, a complete and uninterrupted video shows the skill being performed with explanations as to "why" the skill is important. Next, the exact same video is replayed, with the addition of key pauses, where the instructors use an "on-screen grease pencil" and explain "how" we do a skill including subtitles and other instructions. It's an excellent way to both visualize the skill and hear the key points before you take your class. Then during the class the instructor will reference these skills videos, and after class you can review each skill and compare and contrast your team's performance. These DVD's are easy to use and intelligently laid out to allow you to see only the skills you want, or all of them in sequence.

Additional bonus tracks include:
O2/Diluent Failures, PPO2 Drop Test, PSCR Mode

Our Customer Satisfaction Pledge!!!
We grow our business with happy customers, and if you aren't 100% satisfied with your UTD DVD and its contents, you won't have to pay for it. Period. If you aren't completely satisfied, we'll refund 100% of your investment.

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